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"Remember Hurricane Sandy" October 22 thru October 28

posted Aug 13, 2013, 7:59 PM by Rob Hogg   [ updated Dec 10, 2013, 8:47 AM ]

Iowa Climate Advocates is asking Iowans to “Remember Hurricane Sandy” and its victims, and the victims of other climate-related disasters, October 22 through October 28.  Regardless of the cause of these disasters, we need to support the survivors and remember the victims.

If you would like to take part in a statewide effort to commemorate Hurricane Sandy and other recent climate-related disasters, send an email to Rob Hogg with your plans or to ask for ideas at

Here is another simple thing you can do to “Remember Hurricane Sandy” – call our Congressional delegation and ask them to take action to prevent future disasters and to help those who were hurt in past disasters.

Hurricane Sandy was a transforming moment in American history, when Americans saw an unprecedented late October storm bring record storm surges through downtown New York City and across much of the East Coast.  It killed 117 Americans, ruined homes and businesses, destroyed public infrastructure, and cost our country more than $70 billion, or more than $200 per American.

If Hurricane Sandy does not get our Congressional representatives to take action on climate change and disaster evention, what is it going to take?  Are we going to wait until the water rises through New York City permanently?

You do not need to wait until October 22 to October 28 to call.  Here are the numbers of our Congressional representatives and our Senators:

Congressman Tom Latham - 202-225-5476 or 515-282-1909

Congressman Bruce Braley - 202-225-2911 or 319-287-3233

Congressman Dave Loebsack - 202-225-6576 or 319-351-0789

Congressman Steve King, 202-225-4426 or 712-224-4692

Senator Chuck Grassley, 202-224-3744 or 515-288-1145

Senator Tom Harkin, 202-224-3254 or 515-284-4574

When you make your calls, please report them to

Don’t let this anniversary pass without taking action.  This is too important for our country, our economy, our children, and our future.