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Letter to the Des Moines Register: Gingrich's Indifference on Climate Change Troubling

posted Nov 21, 2011, 5:13 PM by Rob Hogg

Des Moines Register

Letter to the Editor

November 21, 2011


Gingrich's Indifference on Climate Change Troubling


Newt Gingrich was pressing the flesh at Nick’s restaurant in West Des Moines on Nov. 14. He came up to our table and introduced himself to the group. When I shook his hand I asked him to “re-evaluate your position on climate change.”


His only comment to me was that we would have to “agree to disagree” because he felt the “geological history” might justify his position to deny the tremendous challenges Iowans face in light of the changing climate.


I asked him to approach climate change as an issue of national security in that the reality of the changed climate is causing chaos around the globe that will eventually engulf the interests of the United States. I also asked him to look no further than the U.S. Navy and its aggressive planning for the new reality of a changed climate in the future.


Less than one month ago, Vice Adm. Dennis McGinn spoke about the national security implications of the changed climate and the fact that the U.S. military is aggressively moving forward with preparing for this change.


Today, Gingrich is a casualty of his own indifference to pressing social issues and his failure to act. Where will dinosaur politicians like Gingrich be in the future?


— Channing Dutton, West Des Moines