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Extend The Wind Energy Tax Credit - Call Congress Today! (Nov. 20, 2012)

posted Nov 20, 2012, 2:33 PM by Rob Hogg

Congress has the opportunity right now to create jobs and fight climate change.  The wind energy tax credit – or more accurately, the production tax credit for wind energy and other sources of renewable electricity – helps create jobs in the manufacturing and installation of renewable energy systems and the businesses that supply and support those industries. It works by giving a ten-year incentive to homegrown renewable energy that doesn’t pollute, can’t be outsourced, and will never be depleted.  Extending the production tax credit is the easiest thing, right now, that can be done to create jobs and fight climate change.

You can help by calling Congressman Latham, Congressman King, and the rest of Iowa’s congressional delegation. Here are their numbers:

-- Congressman Tom Latham, toll free, 866-428-5642
-- Congressman Steve King, Sioux City, 712-224-4692
-- Congressman Dave Loebsack, Iowa City, 319-351-0789
-- Congressman Bruce Braley, Waterloo, 319-287-3233

Iowa’s two Republican Congressmen, Tom Latham and Steve King, are in a unique position to get this done. They campaigned on their support for the wind energy tax credit. They were re-elected. They are in the majority party. They can get this done right now during the lame duck Congress.  Please call today!