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Announcing "Climate Action Across America," April 21 to 25

posted Jan 1, 2014, 7:10 PM by Rob Hogg   [ updated Jan 24, 2014, 11:59 PM ]
“Climate Action Across America,” Earth Week, April 21 to 25, 2014

It is time for the United States Congress to take climate action. The fight against climate change cannot be won by a single person or a single policy. It will require comprehensive policies supported by Congress and sustained over many decades that lead our country and the world to the climate action we so urgently need.

Even if a Congressional representative has opposed climate action in the past, recent events and new scientific assessments give every Congressional representative a chance to recognize the need for climate action.

It is fine to be skeptical, but a skeptic must also pay attention to events. Recent climate disasters like Hurricane Sandy, Typhoon Haiyan, Colorado flooding, flooding in Miami, western wildfires, and widespread ice storms are moments when people can recognize the need for action.

So, too, are new scientific assessments. For example, on July 10, over 200 scientists who identify themselves as evangelical Christians told Congress that action is “urgently needed” to address climate change:

On August 5, the American Geophysical Union released an updated statement on climate change calling for “urgent action”:

Listening to America’s scientists, and responding to climate disasters as they happen, even a skeptical Congress can learn to act on climate change.

If you do not believe that Congress can act, please change the way you think. If you don’t believe that Congress can act, then the forces that oppose Congressional action have won. Congress can act – and it is up to us to lead the way.

One of the easiest things that Congress can do is extend the federal renewable energy production tax credit which expires December 31 without Congressional action. Please call or write your Congressional representative this week, and sign on with this national petition at

Your action can help Congress extend the renewable energy production tax credit. Effective climate action requires a transition to 100% renewable electricity, which in turn requires a long-term extension of the production tax credit (or other incentive like a carbon tax) to spur continued innovation and expansion of renewable electricity.

Beyond the extension of the PTC, however, we need Congress to support and sustain action to fight climate change for decades. That’s why in Iowa we are beginning to organize “Climate Action Across America,” a dedicated week-long effort over Easter recess, April 21 to April 25, to convince Congressional representatives that it is time for climate action.

It is really quite easy. The idea is that groups, large or small, would arrange meetings with their Congressional representative or just visit their local in-district Congressional office across the country during that week to share letters, postcards, and petitions from local citizens urging Congress to support action to fight climate change (e.g., a carbon tax, greenhouse gas regulations, hazard mitigation, disaster assistance, etc.)

This is how American democracy works. The First Amendment of our Constitution guarantees our right to petition Congress to take action. Together, we can take the climate action we so urgently need for our future.

If you or an organization you belong to, or other people you know, would like to be more involved in this, send an email to  We can expand our reach by coordinating climate action events across the country. Let’s show the country there is growing grassroots support for climate action.

“Great March for Climate Action,” March 1 to November 1, 2014

It is now just over two months to the start of the Great March for Climate Action – another opportunity to show the country growing grassroots support for climate action. The march will be leaving Los Angeles on March 1, 2014. Here are the dates the march will be in selected cities across the country:

Phoenix – April 8
Albuquerque – May 12
Denver – June 17
Omaha – August 1
Des Moines – August 11
Chicago – September 6
Toledo – September 24
Cleveland – October 4
Pittsburgh – October 14
Washington – November 1

Walkers, volunteers, and financial supporters are needed for the whole march, for states, and for individual locations. For more information, including the rest of the scheduled stops at the “timeline,” please visit

Citizens Climate Lobby National Conference, Washington, DC, June 22-24

Please mark your calendars now for the national conference and lobby days of Citizens Climate Lobby, June 22 to June 24, in Washington, DC. Whether you can attend or not, this is another moment when Americans can speak up together for climate action.

To get involved with Citizens Climate Lobby, its monthly conference calls, its advocacy efforts for carbon fee legislation, and its regional meetings, visit